Dudley canal and Tunnel Tour


Deafscope team visited “The Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust” on Monday 2nd of March, where we met with the manager who showed us around. There is lots of history behind the trust which we found very interesting and we asked if we could organise  trips for the Deaf community, we would work along with them making it accessible.

We would like to have feedback from the Deaf Community, if you would like to attend and learn all about The trust as well taking part in the boat tours which have several  options that you can choose from-

Daily Boat trip- 45 Minutes which runs from Wednesdays to Sundays

Tickets prices-

Adult £8.50
Senior £8.00
Child £6.85
Family of 1+2 £19.00
Family of 2+2 £27.00
Family of 1+3 26.00
Family of 5 (2A, 3C) £34.00

. Open Water Cruise- 3 hour trip

Tickets cost just £14.70, or £13.70 for concessions

Black Country Picnic Boat -3 Hour trip

Tickets are £26.50 per person and include your 3 hour cruise as well as your picnic.

The two tunnel tour-6 hour trip

Tickets cost £21, or £20 for concessions (children and seniors).

The Dudley tunnel-2 hour trip-  2 hour trip

Tickets for this trip are £15.70, or £14.70 for concessions.

Fish and Chip cruise- 3 hour trip

Tickets are £26.50 per person and include your 3 hour cruise as well as your picnic.

Sloe Boat Gin- 3 hour cruise

Tickets are  £26.50 Per person you will enjoy 5 sample gins to whet your appetite then 2 full size gins of your choice with tonics and botanical



Please email –


We then will add your name on list and which trips interested in and we will arrange this day out for all!



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